Originally, Ceyreste was the city and La Ciotat was the port. In 1429, the two cities separated.

You can know more about this story at La Ciotat’s Museum.

The history between La Ciotat and Ceyreste has been lasting for a very long time. Nowadays, Ceyreste is La Ciotat’s hinterland with its hills and its hiking sites.

The little village of Ceyreste is a pearl.
The small alleys with old facades, fountains, small shaded squares, cabarottes (covered pathways that step over winding and shaded alleys), and so on…There is everything to make this charmful village special…So let yourself get seduced!


Ceyreste’s City Hall
Place du Général de Gaulle – 13600 Ceyreste
+33 (0)4 42 83 77 10

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