The association “Friends of the Old La Ciotat”, that has been running the museum since 1941, works meticulously to preserve the memory of the old city for the public.

The museum is comprised of 15 rooms and 1500 exhibition objects on heritage concerning culture, religion, traditions, the city’s economy, and of course the former shipyard as well as the inventions of the “cinématograph” by the Lumière brothers and the Pétanque game.

The museum is a treasure trove of culture and the guardian of our heritage, which makes it a must-see in every tourist’s and history buff’s agenda, as well as for school trips.

Opening hours: every afternoon (apart from Tuesdays) from 3 to 6, in July and August from 4 to 7.
To find out the opening hours on public holidays, please contact the museum directly

prices: adults 3.20€
kids (-12 years) and groups (+10 people): 1.60€

Guided tours for groups on demand