La Ciotat has been awarded the France Station Nautique certificate, France Watersport Resort. 

France Station Nautique organizations are sustainable tourism and watersport activities and events-oriented organizations. They contribute towards the economic, social and cultural development of the towns they are in.

One wish

A France Station Nautique organization combines the wishes of two different sides:

  • that of the organizers and service suppliers of watersport activities
  • that of local authorities

Other components and partners, like tourist offices, also play an important role in various resorts.

One organization

All the places that have won the Watersport Resort certificate enter a dynamic of progress whose objective is the excellence in the local organization of watersport activities and events.  Each of them includes a Board of Resort, a Board of Resort President and a Resort Coordinator.

One Content

The main condition to practice sustainable watersport events and development depends on both the will and the ability of local actors to highlight watersports in sporty activities, tourism and local economies.

Sush effort is part of a Local Animation Project and Watersport Development.

One Goal

The purpose of each resort is to bring forward a high quality set of services, activities and products that meet the public’s needs and requirements. Fundamental principles are imposed to each resort:

  • respect for the environment
  • safety for users
  • the wish to welcome everyone
  • multidisciplinary in watersport activities
  • permanent activities throughout the year
  • optimal management of quality equipment