Mugel Calanque is a sheltered natural site in the “Bec de l’Aigle” massif (the Eagle Beak). It is a genuine geological fortress that was built over the torrents of the interglacial period. Over time, the pebbles have formed a reddish conglomerate called poudingue.

This cove is also located next to a botanical garden called Parc du Mugel, which invites you to stroll around and discover the various regional plants, some of which are quite rare. The dense vegetation comprises countless species: holm oaks, cork oaks, chestnut trees, bay trees and noble bay trees, carob trees, Aleppo pines, stone pines, bamboo, wild flowers, aromatic and medicinal plants as well as a collection of citrus fruits and roses.

The tanks are filled with rain water that gets its way through the rock. Certain plants such as reeds give the park a fresh atmosphere.

A rather steep hike takes you up to the viewpoint from which a panoramic view over the sea can be enjoyed. A picnic area along with a kids’s playground can also be found inside the park.

Further information

Mugel cove is accessible throughout the year.
However, Mugel Park may be closed depending on weather conditions (strong wind or drought) to prevent from fire risks. Such decision is made by the Bouches-du-Rhône prefecture.