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La Ciotat has many green areas that invite you to relax, such as public gardens. The city is a resort where nature also owns its place.

Jardin de la ville - The Municipal Park

Boulevard Lamartine.
This garden has been completely regenerated.
15.000 meters square of green land enable all generations to gather and relax in the shades underneath the trees and plants. The bandstand gives this place a lovely rural vibe during summer nights.jardin de la ville

La Bastide Marin

Avenue Guillaume Dulac.
Bastide Marin is a place where natural, cultural and architectural heritage meet together. The mansion keeps its history, with marks of people who would live there, as well as charming places in and around it: the magical garden, the ethno-botanical garden, the vineyards, the olive trees, the apiary and the educational farm.

Bastide Marin

Le Parc urbain sportif - The City Sport Park

Avenue Guillaume Dulac – Domaine de la Tour.
This park (that is currently under construction) will be furnished with sporty equipments that allow for the practice of various sports all year long.

La Voie douce - The Green Lane

Currently from the old city center to Avenue Guillaume Dulac (north part of the city) and later all the way to the train station.
On the remains of Bouches-du-Rhône’s old railway tracks, the “voie douce” (the green lane) has been created upon a rural theme and bonds the former two stations in La Ciotat together. It is a pedestrian and cycle lane on which a great and playful walk or ride to and from the city can be made.

Les jardins de l'espérance

Chemin des poissonniers.
The surface of this garden spreads over 7.000 meters square. The activities and concerns going on in this garden are all environment-oriented. Disabled people can easily access the garden too.