route des crêtes 2


This wonderful scenic road takes you up to the Cap Canaille, which reaches a height of 394 meters.

This road that connects La Ciotat and Cassis together was inaugurated in 1964. Various viewpoints have been created so as to allow the visitors to stop and enjoy the exceptional panoramic view over La Ciotat’s bay and Ile Verte in the background. Ahead, you can see the vast massif of the Calanques that towers sumptuously over the sea. On a nice day when the view is completely unobstructed, you can also see the chain of islands by the coastline of Marseille.

At the beginning of Route des Crêtes you will observe the monument called “Cœur d’Honoré”, which is a site that houses ruined and heart-shaped ramparts. Honoré was the name of the site’s owner at the beginning of the last century.

Throughout the road, you can observe rocks shaped by spectacular forms, such as the natural bridge (Le Pont Naturel), which has been formed from erosion.

At a 349 meter altitude, on the highest point, you will find the Sémaphore that dates back to 1791. It is a military tower being used as a control point for the navigation at sea and ensures the safety of amateur sailors.

Further information

By prefectural decision, the road may be closed according to unfavorable weather conditions.