Notre dame de la Garde


This chapel was built by the Pénitents Bleus brotherhood in 1610 and is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. The chapel was blessed in 1613. Its design takes the shape of a cross. The vaults have a pointed top. The frescos and the porch were made in 1864. The altar is made of white marble from Carrare and it supports a wonderful Notre-Dame de la Garde statue in carved and golden oak offered by the Pénitents Bleus in 1630.
Strategic landmark for the navigation of sailors, the chapel is entirely decorated with old boat items from Provence as gifts from the sailors for their gratefulness to the Virgin of La Garde. The chapel was restored a few years ago but its position facing the spray makes it vulnerable.
The chapel is open to the public in summer time from May 15th to September 30th from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and it is symbolically opened every year on December 8th for Immaculate Conception Day when a pilgrimage is organized.

Further information

The chapel is open from May to the end of August.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.
Address: 1610, Chemin Notre Dame de la Garde